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Introducing Mini - FiiK


The World's Lightest Electric Skateboard

Fiik Electric Skateboards.

Engineered to premium quality, FiiK boards exceed extreme performance standards. FiiK Electric Skateboards have exclusively designed Lithium-Polymer (LiFePo4) battery-packs, Stepless Digital Throttle, Anti-Lock Braking, LED Safety Lighting, and a heap of other system and performance features. Check the specs on every board. 


The Mini Fiik is the Lightest electric skateboard in the world



with a weight of 3.5 kg a top speed of 16km/h,10 - 20km travel distance, 150 minute recharge or 75 minute with a fast charger, forward & reverse, bamboo deck, hub motor, overload protection and many more features.

Introducing Mini - FiiK


The World's Lightest Electric Skateboard

WHERE GROMMETS COME TO GROWL!Just ‘cos you’re a Grom doesn’t mean you can’t cut loose like the pros! The FiiK design crew have put together a great starter board. With a double kick deck, and the shortest wheelbase in the FiiK range, the Grommet is balanced just right, for maximum styling - with power! This little FiiK might be the first electric skateboard you ever ride, but it won’t be the last. Today’s Grommet is tomorrow’s champion! 

Top Speed: 12kph Range: 5-10 kilometres

THE SHORTY THE GREAT ALL-ROUNDER You want a board that can handle it all, right? THE SHORTY has been developed for the all-round board stylist, and those who demand maximum flexibility from their board. FiiK designers Dan and Mat Quinn made sure THE SHORTY combined essential performance characteristics into one board: Power, deck configuration, premium performance wheelbase, speed, range, and acceleration. THE SHORTY, outstanding FiiK design that’s long on versatility, and long on style. Ride hard! 

Top Speed: 33kphRange: 20-35 kilometres (LiFePo4)


THE RAGER blends optimum manoeuvrability, power, and weight for anybody who wants to get tricky with it. The potent output of THE RAGER’s power plant makes it feel unstoppable! Paired with a carefully contoured deck, it begs you to rip tight turns with maximum grip. The performance configuration of this board, from straight-out speed, clearance, and responsiveness puts you on top of a sweet ride. Long live, THE RAGER! 

Top Speed: 29kph Range: 15-30 kilometres (LiFePo4)


Fiik Skateboards has combined outright power and range, with lusty agility. Engineered with high clearances, STREET SURFER plays hard, and long - on-road and off-road. A shorter wheelbase gets you in and out of tight turns, over tricky terrain, and back to a hard-surface ride to your next destination. STREET SURFER is pure fun. Ride the rocket that always finishes fast!

Top Speed: 37kph Range: 25-35 kilometres (LiFePo4)


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