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The Hovertrax is simple to learn and easy to ride. With its light weight and compact size, it is easy to transport when it's not transporting you.

Taking an amazing ride on gyro technology is what the Hovertrax is all about! Gyro sensors balance you front and back. This means that learning how to use the Hovertrax is simple and easy. Ideal for smooth surfaces, it’s a convenient way to transport yourself around large indoor settings such as shopping centres, airports and warehouses.
Let your kids get physical playing with the Hovertrax outside or in. Pull out your sunglasses and get rolling on the Hovertrax, an active and fun toy meant for all.
  • Details

    • Easy and simple – step on, lean forward, take off
    • Speeds of up to 5 mph
    • 8 mile range
    • 30 minute recharging time
    • Durable, light plastic chassis
    • 5 inch wheels
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